•  The Secret History of the Future

In this transatlantic podcast collaboration between The Economist and Slate, co-hosts Tom Standage and Seth Stevenson unearth curious tales hidden in the history of tech. From the creation of the first computer program, to the quest for infallible crime-fighting forensics, to the etiquette of romance over the telegraph, these yarns of yore can illuminate our present technological conundrums and offer cautionary lessons about the future. Discovering how we reacted to past innovations teaches us about our current predicaments.

Find seasons one and two (each has ten episodes) at Slate, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen.

  • Who Runs That?

Enjoy surprising conversations with the people in charge of some of America’s most interesting businesses. Seth Stevenson interviews founders and C-suite executives from companies like Harry’s, Food52, Betterment, Carnival Cruises, Oscar, Field Notes, Merge Records, and others.

Find all episodes at Slate.

  • Slate’s Negotiation Academy

Co-hosts Jill Barshay and Seth Stevenson teach you how to haggle. Episodes cover special tactics, secret maneuvers, and specific situations. Learn how to negotiate for a raise, how to barter with your children, and how to deal with jerks and liars.

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